The Sky

We keep calling it "The Sky", because it's the same thing I keep seeing it everywhere I go.

I mean everywhere I can see The Sky. I can't see The Sky from inside my bathroom because it doesn't have a window. Windows are important. As are bathrooms. Instead of access to The Sky, my bathroom has a fan that vents moisture and poo smells to The Sky outside. You shouldn't bathe where you poop. Poop is weird.

I think it is only one "The Sky" because our atmosphere is shared since we're all on the same planet. Or at least I hope we are. But why do I say "The Sky is gray" when it isn't some place else, like Florida. Unless it's gray there too. I keep forgetting whether it's "gray" or "grey". That's a grey area.

Maybe it should be called "A Sky" because it's so different from place to place. But then it becomes like a tall wallpaper that changes from room to room in the same house. Some rooms are cloudy, some are gray, some are grey. But it's still the same house and the wallpaper is made of the same things.

The Sky doesn't have walls like rooms do, but there are places you can't go because The Sky is bad for you. Like very strong wind and bad people. Strong wind and bad people are bad for walls too.

Today, I thought about The Sky - Thursday, November 20, 2014

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