Snow is water that falls out of the sky. Except it's not like rain. It's a colder rain that feels lighter up to a point. It's water shaped in a funny way because of the cold. Snow is light and heavy and cold.

Snow doesn't fall out of the sky, but from clouds. Why do we say things "fall out of the sky"? The sky goes on forever so if anything falls outside, it fell from the sky. There's air, birds, snow, clouds, space and it's all part of the sky. Although, space falling out from the sky would be weird.

The sky is weird.

I love the snow because it's my favorite kind of water. I couldn't make people out of rain, but I can out of snow. I can also make snow at home so my home is a kind of sky.

Some people get scared of the snow. Some people hate the snow. People who don't like the snow usually have to drive in it and sometimes, the funny shape of cold water gets in the way. Driving is going fast in a metal and plastic box while getting angry at other people in their metal and plastic boxes. People have a hard time driving without getting mad at something. Driving is weird.

Today, I thought about snow - Saturday, January 23, 2015

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