Nothern Hemisphere

Today, I woke up and smelled the roses.

That sentence was a lie and, most likely, so is this one. The roses were dead because it was so hot and not snowing. Snowing in June would be weird in the Northern Hemisphere where I'm told I live.

The first sentence contained one lie, "today", it is actually past midnight, so it is "tomorrow" which means it's "today". I need coffee.

I've never been to outer space so I don't know if I'm actually in the Nothern Hemisphere. I had to watch my spelling as I'm typing this because Notepad doesn't have spellcheck. I love Notepad. This post probably still has misspellings.

I saw land and ocean as I was flying on a plane (or is it "in" a plane? People say "on" when I think they mean "in"), but I always fall a sleep or it's night as we come in to land. I always miss approaching the Nothern Hemisphere. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever left the Northen Hemisphere. I have left ground and I guess that's close enough.

Earth is too big for one person to appreciate.

Today, I thought about the Nothern Hemisphere - Saturday, June 22, 2013

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