Moving pictures

It's sometimes very troublesome to move pictures from place to place, especially if they're in frames.

When I think of moving them, I feel they're better off on one reel of film that I can carry around and shine a light through to see them when I want to. But then I need a light, a case and electricity with no flames around. Flames are best captured on film and not felt. Unless you're cold then they're better felt. Hopefully at a distance because flames hurt and can also burn things.

I usually seem to think only of moving pictures, but they've moved me too. Both the kind you have to shine a light through, although these days, there are disks and downloads for that, and the kind that stays in a frame. Not to any particular place physically; that would be odd. Once in a while they move me around to a place I'd rather be or rather not be.

Pictures are funny that they move and can move. Words are too, but a picture is supposed to have a thousand of them. A moving one has a bunch of pictures together, so that would make a thousand times whatever number of pictures there are in the moving picture that moves me.

I'm not good at reading fast. Especially not a thousand words times how many number of pictures every second of... a lot of pictures. I like to skim through them instead.

Today, I thought about Moving pictures - Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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