"A" is a word

"A" is an awesome word because it's only a letter that's also a word.

I don't think a space can be a word, or if it can be, it's not an understandable word. A dot can be a word if there are three in a row like "…", but then you need three (3) of the same. This makes "A" still awesome because it can be a word on its own, although "…" is a still pretty cool word too. Come to think of it "…" isn't a word so disregard everything you read about it here.

"A" is the only word I know of that's also a letter, besides "I" which I also like. In languages other than English, and there are lots of them out there, there are probably many other letters that are also words. But I don't know how many of them are as easy to write as "A". Or how many of them mean "one of something".

"A" is also the only word I know that's also a letter that needs another word to describe it that has itself in the writing: "An" followed by "a". As in "an 'A' is a word". That's pretty awesome too. You get to describe yourself using something with you in the reference twice!

I think maybe researchers and scientists that use themselves as references probably feel like the word "A". They probably feel other things too like hunger and cramps.

"A" is such an awesome word, that I was only able to write one sentence on this page without it. Can you spot which one it is?

(Some people think "A" is actually not a word, but I like to think that it is.)

Today, I thought about the word "A" - Sunday, June 23, 2013

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